Assistive Technology


Georgia Project for Assistive Technology (

Run by the Georgia Department of Education. It gives an overview of what assistive technology is, legal mandates and information, IEP information, and on through student success.

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (

Run through the state of Wisconsin. Gives resource material on assistive technology services and devices, as well as AT professionals who give consultations throughout the state.

Maryland Assistive Technology Connection Hub (

This site has assistive technology broken down into many categories and lists various devices for each category. It will also show the relative expense for each device. General information on assistive technology is also available.

Assistive Technology Industry Association (

Provides webinars and resources on assistive technology. Offers membership for professionals.


American Speech-language and Hearing Association (

Gives an overview of AAC devices and services, from the foremost American association.

International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (

Gives a comprehensive look into AAC devices and services from an international point of view.


National Association of the Deaf (

Information on assistive listening systems and devices through the eyes of hearing professionals and the Deaf community.

Mayo Clinic (

Information on hearing aids—what they do, types, features, and advice.

Motor & Independent Living

Independent Living Aids, LLC (

Catalog of assistive technology devices for various disabilities, impairments and needs.

International Telecommunication Union (

Gives a search engine and other resources for finding information on assistive technology for independent living and other areas.

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (

Provides information on assistive technology for military and government personnel. Provides assistive technology services and accommodations for disabled military and government employees.

Web Accessibility in Mind (

Information on assistive technology for motor disabilities and impairments.


Ability 1st Utah (

Private agency serving the people of Utah. Offers assistive technology and job training services.

Roads to Independence (

Private agency serving the people of Utah. Provides assistive technology services, especially for independent living and employment.

Utah Assistive Technology Foundation (

Run under the Utah Assistive Technology Program. Helps families and individuals receive and use assistive technology devices and services for children and adults.

Utah Assistive Technology Program (

Run through Utah State University and their Center for Disabilities. Provides information and services on assistive technology for people with disabilities.

Utah Center for Assistive Technology (

Run by the state of Utah. Provide information and services relating to assistive technology for people with various disabilities and needs.

Utah Parent Center (

Non-profit organization. Helps parents with questions on disability services, including—but not limited to—assistive technology services and devices.