• Chromebooks–Similar in capabilities as a tablet, but with a mechanical keyboard. Cheaper option than an iPad, but you will be limited to Google-based web applications and internet browser.
  • iPad/iPad mini–While not for everyone, it does allow for creative interventions through the use of apps.
  • Amazon Fire tablet–cheap tablet that can work with books or web applications. Not as good as an iPad, but at $50 it makes for a good start.


  • Noise Canceling Headphones–good for those who experience sensory overload in noisy environments.


  • Picture books–easy to create and can be used with various EBP, such as Scripting, Social Narratives, and Picture -Exchange Communication System.
  • Sunglasses–like noise canceling headphones, these would be good if you work with someone who experiences sensitivity to light. It can also be used to help narrow field of view.
  • Bean bag chairs, blankets, and/or pillows–again, great for handling sensory proces



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